St Michael's Church

Welcome here!

In the midst of the hectic life of Cairo, St Michael's Anglican Church in Heliopolis offers you a time-out. Come and join us for a coffee and a chat.

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Catechism Classes

We will soon start our catechism classes again. We meet outside at church every Tuesday morning 7.30AM to discuss 'To be a Christian - An Anglican Catechism'.


Book Club 2017

News about the book club will be posted in the near future. Watch this space.

26 December: Farewell to Jos and Adrienne

On 26 December, from 2-8pm, you are welcome to greet Rev Jos and Adrienne Strengholt - they will return to Holland in the beginning of January. Around 7pm Better Life will sing with us. Welcome!

Sermon of the week

Comparing the readings of Matthew 2:13-23, Isaiah 63:7-9 and Psalm 148 and debating how such evidence as man's inhumanity to man can be turned into a message of eternal hope by the Word and example of God and the lessons we can draw from this in our current world.

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Potluck 3rd February

Every first Friday of the month we celebrate our togetherness with a potluck. If we all bring our best food, we will all enjoy! Come and taste.


Friday 13 January 2017: 11am Worship service; sermon by Kim Phillips; Friday 13 January 2017: 12am Church Congregation Meeting Friday 20 January 2017: 11am Worship service Friday 27 January 2017: 11am Worship service Friday 03 February 2017: 11am Worship service; Thanksgiving Offering Friday 03 February 2017: 12am Potluck[More events]

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