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In the midst of the hectic life of Cairo, St Michael's Anglican Church in Heliopolis offers you a time-out. Come and join us for a coffee and a chat.

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Catechism 6 Sept

In September were pick up on our catechism classes again. We meet outside at church to read the book 'To be a Christian - An Anglican Catechism'. Welcome!

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Book Club September

On 5 September we will have our first meeting of the season again. We will read Dreams of Tresspass by Fatma Mernissi and meet at Adrienne's house at 7pm.

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Revelation Studies

This autumn, we will study the Book of Revelation together. We begin on Friday 26 August at 12.30pm, that is, almost immediately after church. Welcome to all.

Sermon of the week

Luke 13:10-17 - Our health is so important for us. Jesus heals a woman on the sabbath. If he had only waited a few hours, till sunset, he would have had no problems with the religious leaders. But he does not let this crippled woman wait one more minute.

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Potluck 2 September

Every first Friday of the month we celebrate our togetherness with a potluck. If we all bring our best food, we will all enjoy! Come and taste.


Wednesday 24 August 2016: 9-9.45am Holy Eucharist with short homily
Friday 26 August 2016: 11am Worship service with Rev Jos
Friday 26 August 2016: 12.30pm Revelation Bible Study at church: Introduction
Wednesday 31 August 2016: 9-9.45am Holy Eucharist with short homily
Friday 2 September 2016: 11am Worship service with Rev Jos, Thanksgiving offering
Friday 2 September 2016: 12.30am POTLUCK after church (hence - no Bible Study)
Monday 5 September 2016: 7pm Book Club at Adrienne's
Tuesday 6 September 2016: 7.30am (!) Catechism at church
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