Praying is communicating with God.  In St Michael’s, we pray a lot because we believe that God listens to us when we approach him through Jesus Christ.

We pray:

  • in our common worship services on Friday (11-12.15 am).
  • when we eat together and when we study together in our formal programs.

We also encourage all of our members and visitors to pray daily at home.

Many people are helped by a system for prayer.  Therefore the Anglican Church uses morning and evening prayers.  Look here for these prayers.

If you have matters you like us to pray for, please email us and we will lift your needs up to our Lord.  Be assured of the confidentiality of what you wrote to us. You may write to


Friday 13 January 2017: 11am Worship service; sermon by Kim Phillips; Friday 13 January 2017: 12am Church Congregation Meeting Friday 20 January 2017: 11am Worship service Friday 27 January 2017: 11am Worship service Friday 03 February 2017: 11am Worship service; Thanksgiving Offering Friday 03 February 2017: 12am Potluck[More events]

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