Projects 2016

The community of St Michael’s feels responsible for the world we live in, and especially for its people.  That is why we are committed to the following programs. In case you desire to financially contribute to any of these projects, please contact us so that we can discuss the easiest possible way for you to this – including tax deduction. Email me!

Social development of our Sudanese refugee community
About 10 km east of Heliopolis, many Sudanese refugees live in miserable circumstances.  1100 of them are member of our church. We have taken a responsibility for maintaining a social, economic and spiritual program in that neighborhood and to pray for it. For this project we still need about 30,000US$ for 2016. We need about 10,000US$ for our medical help, and a similar amount for socially helping these refugees.

Meals for Sudanese
Each week, we offer our Sudanese congregation a wholesome meal after their worship service on Sunday. This is a great feast, and for many families this is an important part of their diet. We need US$125 per week for giving a meal to about 400 people. For the period of July-December 2016 we do not have support yet; for that period we need US$3,250

Nuba Mountains Bible Institute Cairo
NBIC is a ministry of the Sudanese congregation at the Church of St Michael and all Angels. It aims to train its own members and others that are interested in solid biblical studies to be better equipped for serving God.

NBIC offers a course that will help these Sudanese refugees in Cairo to know their Bible and their faith well, so that they are better equipped for serving God in his Church and in this world. Beside Biblical studies, NBIC offers other subjects that are important for leaders in the Church.

Thousands of Christians have fled from the Nuba Mountains in Northern Sudan, to Cairo. St Michael’s Church has a congregation of over 1100 members of people from these Nuba Mountains.

There are thousands more Christians from the Nuba Mountains in our environment in Cairo. Many of these refugees are unemployed and very poor, but they love to use their time well to study and to better their own life.

We have 38 students in NBIC; they have different denominational backgrounds. For 2016 we still need about US$19,000.

Sudanese primary school in Cairo
We run a small school with about 100 Sudanese kids. All teachers are trained teachers from Sudan. The parents are only able to pay a token amount – less than 100$ per child per year. Therefore we need an additional US$50,000 for 2016. Of that amount, we still need US$15,000. Your help is appreciated!

Renovation of church hall
We have a church hall that urgently needs renovation as it looks awful at the moment. The hall is used daily by our own congregations and by outsiders. For making it look better and for making it more functional, we need about US$6,000 and we cannot afford that presently.


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