The sermons of the priest of our church, Rev Dr Jos M. Strengholt, are put online each week. You can find them on his personal blog,

In general, we follow the lectionary of the Anglican Church worldwide. By doing so, we avoid ‘hobbyism’ as much as possible. On the other hand, we will sometimes take some liberty with the lectionary if that enables us to, for instance, do sermon series on a specific book of the Bible, or when we deem it important to treat certain subjects in our sermons.

The sermons in our church are usually about 15 minutes in length. That is long enough to say a lot, and short enough to not become repetitious and boring.

You will notice in our sermons how often we quote ancient Church Fathers, but John Calvin and Pope Benedict, for instance, as well. We believe in the one orthodox and catholic Church of Jesus Christ and we strive for the realization of this unity.


Friday 13 January 2017: 11am Worship service; sermon by Kim Phillips; Friday 13 January 2017: 12am Church Congregation Meeting Friday 20 January 2017: 11am Worship service Friday 27 January 2017: 11am Worship service Friday 03 February 2017: 11am Worship service; Thanksgiving Offering Friday 03 February 2017: 12am Potluck[More events]

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